Dwarf Gourami: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

10 Best Gourami Fish Types for Your Home Aquarium

Best Gourami Fish Types

Across a wide variety of artists and genres, talented fish around the globe vied for this year’s awards. Amongst the snakeskins, kisses, chocolates, and intense competition a few stood out among the 133 contestants found throughout South-East Asia hoping for the coveted title. After much deliberation the results are in, so the envelope please… This … Read more

Gold Gourami: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

Golden gourami swimming in tank.

Gold Gourami is a species of freshwater aquarium fish that are native to Southeast Asia. They belonged to the Osphronemidae family and were first spotted and identified in 1970. Since then, these fish have massively grown in popularity, thanks to the ease of care and peaceful temperament that they have. Just like their name suggests, … Read more

Dwarf Crayfish: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

dwarf crayfish

If you are looking for a new addition to your aquarium, you can’t go wrong with the Dwarf Crayfish. They are a highly popular species of crustaceans and have a vibrant appearance that makes them interesting to watch. Generally, Dwarf Crayfish have a peaceful temperament, and they beautify your aquarium even more. If you are … Read more

Sparkling Gourami: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

sparkling gourami swimming in aquarium.

Caring for Sparkling Gourami is a luxury, and we can’t stress enough just how much their beautiful coloration will bring your aquarium to life. With their low maintenance, it’s pretty unfair that these fish species haven’t captured the attention of many aquarists around the world just yet. Perhaps after reading our guide, you will want … Read more

Alien Betta: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Alien Betta swimming in tank.

Alien Betta is a colorful hybrid fish created from two different Betta species. It brings rarity to the tank, with a striking appearance you won’t usually find with many Betta fish.  You only need to see them once to realize that you’re dealing with an exceptional freshwater fish. And once you’ve spotted them at a … Read more

30 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish Perfect For Your Tank

colorful freshwater fish

Aquarium pet fish exist in just about any imaginable shape, color, and size. But which is the most beautiful colorful freshwater fish of all?   While we may never have a specific answer to that question, our guide has the 30 most colorful options you will ever find in the aquarium hobby. The goal is to … Read more

25 Best Algae Eaters Perfect For Your Freshwater Aquarium

best algae eaters

If there’s one battle many aquarists dread, it is against aquarium algae. One looks for ways to find algae eaters. Unfortunately, it is one we all must face at some point in the course of the fish-keeping journey. And the earlier you prepare for it, the better your chances of winning. So, this guide will … Read more

15 Types of Rasboras Perfect For Your Home Aquarium

types of rasboras

You may be aware of several types of Rasboras in the aquarium hobby. Question is, who would be best suited to your home aquarium? This guide will help you make the right decision by covering the 15 most popular types of Rasboras that would be perfect for your fishkeeping hobby. While all the fish on … Read more