Blood Parrot Cichlid: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

GloFish Tetra: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Glofish tetra swimming in tank.

Glofish Tetras are genetically modified fish with brilliant-looking colors. They are the best selections if you need a sparkly version of the common freshwater species such as the Bettas, Tiger Barbs, Zebra Danios, and Rainbow Sharks, among the rest. The best part? Just like their peers, Glofish Tetras are fun to care for and have … Read more

Emperor Tetra: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Emperor tetra swimming in tank.

Emperor Tetra is an attractive freshwater fish that’s a mesmerizing addition to community tanks. Not only are their iridescent appearance outstanding, but they are also less demanding in captivity and ideal for novice aquarists. As a peaceful, hardy, and active species, we can’t find many flaws in Emperor Tetras and are always surprised that these … Read more

Neon Tetra: Ultimate Guide (Care, Breeding, Diet & More)

Neon Tetra swimming in the tank

Neon Tetra is a highly sought-after freshwater fish that embodies perfection and natural beauty. They are the face of the freshwater Tetras, quite amazing with their eye-catching torpedo-like bodies yet so easy to care for.  It is not just their peaceful temperament that will blow you away if you keep them at home. Also, they … Read more

Cardinal Tetra: Ultimate Guide (Care, Breeding, Diet & More)

Cardinal tetra swimming in tank.

Cardinal Tetras are peaceful freshwater fish that are perfect for adding a conspicuous hue to any aquarium. Their darting movements inside the tank give the vibes of a naturally beautiful freshwater fish that any aquarist would love to have at home. Keep them with your Neon Tetras, and they will automatically stand out inside the … Read more

Rummy Nose Tetra: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Rummy Nose Tetra swimming in tank.

Rummy Nose Tetra is an elegant shoaling fish whose classy appearance never stops to amaze aquarists of all levels. They are a peaceful community fish with sleek, torpedo-like bodies that many hobbyists simply can’t ignore. But if you intend to introduce them to your aquarium for the first time, it’s all the more imperative to … Read more

Green Neon Tetra: Ultimate Guide (Care, Breeding, Diet & More)

Green Neon Tetra swimming in tank.

Green Neon Tetras are stunning, blue-green nano fish that are perfect for home aquariums. Like the conventional Neon Tetras, these fish are colorful and can add beauty and a lot of interest to any aquarium, no matter the tank mates. Strangely enough, these species haven’t earned plenty of attention from fish lovers around the world. … Read more