30 Peaceful Community Fish Perfect For Your Aquarium

30 Peaceful Community Fish Perfect For Your Aquarium

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A calm and friendly home aquarium gives an unbeatable feeling. But it rightfully depends on the specific community fish species you intend to keep at home. Worried about the next member of your peaceful community tank? Let’s review these 30 best peace-loving guys together. We will discuss every fish species in detail, highlighting exactly why … Read more

30 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Your Home Tank

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Choosing the best freshwater aquarium fish is a tough job. Some are strange-looking like Flowerhorn Cichlids, while others are prettier than the majestic peacock bird. How can you make the right decision? Our detailed guide reviews the 30 best freshwater home aquarium fish to help jumpstart your fishkeeping hobby. Whether you’re looking for something new … Read more

25 Small Freshwater Fish Perfect For Your Home Aquarium

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Looking for the next member of your beautiful nano tank? Well, that’s never going to be an easy decision, considering the wide range of options in the pet industry. So, this guide will walk you through the list of the 25 best small freshwater fish breeds. Our list includes some of the most sought-after nano … Read more

15 Best Snail Eating Fish For Your Home Aquarium

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Is there a better way to eradicate unwanted snails than keeping a favorite pet fish that does just that? The sight of unwanted pest snails inside an aquarium can be distressing for many reasons. But the whole process of removing them from the tank is even more agonizing. So, in this guide, we reveal the … Read more

Gold Barb: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Gold Barb swimming in tank.

Gold Barb, famously named the Chinese Barb, is a flashy freshwater fish that’s just perfect for a community tank. They’ve been a popular choice in the aquarium trade, with their beautiful, shiny coloring quickly turning them into insanely sought-after pet fish. But it turns out their dazzling appearance is not the only reason for their … Read more

Rosy Barb: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Rosy barb swimming in tank.

 Rosy Barb is a highly sought-after subtropical climate fish that can add a popping color to any aquarium. They are a hardy species with vivid color combinations and a peaceful temperament that has only increased their popularity within the fishkeeping community. If you want to light up your aquarium with a low-maintenance fish boasting impressive … Read more

Cherry Barb: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Cherry barb swimming in tank.

Cherry Barbs are vibrantly colored tropical freshwater fish with adorable schooling instincts. They are beautiful, hardy, and easy to care for, making them a dream pet fish for aquarium enthusiasts. But if you are just getting started with the popular Barb fish, you will want to master all the crucial aspects like general tank setup … Read more

Rabbit Snail: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

Rabbit Snail swimming in tank.

Rabbit Snails are a unique freshwater species of aquatic creatures that are the center of attention among aquarium owners. They have long shells and a fascinating face that looks quite attractive and offers a wonderful feel to the tank. Moreover, these snails are easy to look after and also help in keeping your aquarium clean … Read more

Gold Nugget Pleco: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Gold Nugget Pleco swimming in tank.

Gold Nugget Pleco is a head-turning freshwater fish that we always recommend to aquarium enthusiasts of different levels. They are an outright cutie in modern aquariums with a bonus of a charming personality. If you’ve been looking for a neat-looking armored catfish with a low maintenance tag, this stunning medium-sized buddy of the plecostomus family … Read more

Common Pleco: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Common Pleco swimming in tank.

Common Plecos are an attention-grabbing freshwater fish with a long history in the fishkeeping community.  They are the most in-demand freshwater fish of the Pleco family, and it’s hardly surprising we constantly recommend them to aquarists of any background. Why? Because they are just magnificent. If you don’t notice their large sizes, you won’t ignore … Read more