Oscar Fish: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

30 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish Perfect For Your Tank

colorful freshwater fish

Aquarium pet fish exist in just about any imaginable shape, color, and size. But which is the most beautiful colorful freshwater fish of all?   While we may never have a specific answer to that question, our guide has the 30 most colorful options you will ever find in the aquarium hobby. The goal is to … Read more

30 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Your Home Tank

best freshwater aquarium fish swimming in the tank

Choosing the best freshwater aquarium fish is a tough job. Some are strange-looking like Flowerhorn Cichlids, while others are prettier than the majestic peacock bird. How can you make the right decision? Our detailed guide reviews the 30 best freshwater home aquarium fish to help jumpstart your fishkeeping hobby. Whether you’re looking for something new … Read more

25 Aggressive Freshwater Fish (Predator Fish) For Your Tank

aggressive freshwater fish swimming in tank.

An aggressive freshwater fish is a breath of fresh air to a boring aquarium. And quite often they tend to change the tank dynamics, with fascinating predatory instincts and a ton of personality that’s impossible to replicate even with the best of peaceful fish. The best part? Most aggressive pet fish are intelligent, craving healthy … Read more

20 Types of Cichlids Perfect For Your Home Aquarium

types of cichlid swimming in the tank

They are known for nothing but aggression. But it turns out most Cichlid fish can be just an excellent option as a favorite pet fish.   Still, with more than 1300 Cichlid species to pick from, making the right selection is never going to be a piece of cake. If you are interested in exploring the … Read more

35 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants For Your Tank

low light aquarium plants.

For many aquarists, nothing compares to the sight of a beautiful aquarium packed with healthy live plants and suitable decorations. But have you ever imagined building a dream tank with aquarium plants that don’t need light? In this guide, find out the 35 best low-light aquarium plants for the perfect aquascaping. In the next paragraphs, … Read more

Tinfoil Barb: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

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 Tinfoil Barbs are fine-looking, torpedo-shaped freshwater fish with creative coloring.   They are larger than many people assume yet so playful and peaceful at the same time, quickly becoming a popular name in the aquarium trade. With their widespread population in the pet industry, you might have heard plenty of information about beautiful Tinfoil Barbs, some … Read more