Gold Inca Snail: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

Gold Inca Snail: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

Gold Inca Snail swimming in tank.

 Gold Inca Snails are an exquisite species of freshwater aquarium snails that are also widely popular in the aquarium community. They exist in a multitude of species and belong to the Apple Snail family. Plus, they are also easy to care for, so you won’t have any trouble in that department as well. If you … Read more

Malaysian Trumpet Snail: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

Malaysian Trumpet Snail swimming in tank.

When it comes to Malaysian Trumpet Snails, you may find several different opinions from different aquarists. Some of them seem to think they are wonderful aquarium pets, while others think that they should be considered pests and left in the wild. Nevertheless, Malaysian Trumpet Snails are considered to be efficient tank cleaners, thanks to their … Read more

Common Pleco: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Common Pleco swimming in tank.

Common Plecos are an attention-grabbing freshwater fish with a long history in the fishkeeping community.  They are the most in-demand freshwater fish of the Pleco family, and it’s hardly surprising we constantly recommend them to aquarists of any background. Why? Because they are just magnificent. If you don’t notice their large sizes, you won’t ignore … Read more

Electric Blue Acara: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Electric Blue Acara swimming in tank.

Electric Blue Acara is a vibrant freshwater Cichlid that requires no introduction to the aquarium community. We’ve always called them the showstoppers of the aquatic world and their name alone justifies our carefully selected moniker. As ornamental fish, they are simply stunning. And as a member of a community tank, they are just as peaceful. … Read more

Flowerhorn Cichlid: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Flowerhorn Cichlid swimming in tank.

Flowerhorn Cichlid is an exceptional hybrid fish with a loyal following in the aquarium community. They spot beautiful, vivid color patterns and iconic forehead humps that make them stand out in any environment. If you need a stunning, man-made Cichlid species that will instantly capture anyone’s attention, the Flowerhorn Cichlids should be your favorite selection. … Read more

Giant Gourami: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding, & More)

Giant gourami swimming in tank.

All species of the Gourami family are highly sought after in the aquarium community because of their peaceful temperament and ease of care. The same is with Giant Gourami, which is significantly larger than other members of the same group. Giant Gourami are freshwater aquarium fish, and they are fascinating and interesting to watch. They … Read more

Jaguar Cichlid: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Jaguar Cichlid swimming in tank.

Jaguar Cichlids are beautiful South American freshwater fish with a feisty temperament. Going by their name alone, you would expect Jaguar Cichlids to be large, aggressive freshwater fish with fierce personalities. And that’s who they truly are. But their beauty is massively underrated. And perhaps you will want to know more about their true identity … Read more

Texas Cichlid: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Texas Cichlid swimming in tank.

Texas Cichlid is a sparkly freshwater Cichlid that’s notorious for its aggressive tendencies. Recently, these fish have become a popular choice amongst fish lovers around the globe because of their beauty, intelligence, and large size. If you are keen to diversify your community tank, Texas Cichlids would be an incredible addition to the aquarium from … Read more

Convict Cichlid: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Convict Cichlid swimming in tank.

Convict Cichlid, sometimes called the Zebra Cichlid, is an aggressive freshwater fish with the iconic black and white stripes all over their bodies. They are one of the most sought-after freshwater Cichlids that have been fundamental to the success of several studies involving fish behavior. Convict Cichlids exhibit the traits of an ideal aquarium fish; … Read more

Iridescent Shark: Ultimate Guide (Care, Diet, Breeding & More)

Iridescent Shark swimming in an aquarium.

The Iridescent Shark, sometimes called the Iridescent Catfish, is a large and exciting freshwater fish found in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In captivity, these fish are more than just ordinary pets. They receive plenty of attention for their appearance, peaceful behavior, and unmatched schooling activities. But did you know they can grow up to 4ft … Read more